School Cleaning in Stafford

If you are looking for a janitorial company that specializes in school cleaning services, your search is over. Interior Building Services, Inc. ranks among the finest of all school cleaning companies in the Stafford area—and for good reason. We offer a wide range of services to not only clean but disinfect your school from top to bottom.

Give your students and faculty the pristine classrooms they need to thrive. Request the school janitorial services of our team today by calling (540) 752-2462.

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Cleaning Schools with Care

Schools are unique for the sheer amount of activity that occurs within the premises’ walls throughout the day. Due to the high levels of activity, schools need to be cleaned frequently—and thoroughly.

When the time comes for you to choose a school cleaning company to oversee the maintenance of your classrooms, we are confident you’ll think of us. Between our dedicated staff and our vast storehouse of school hygienic supplies and cleaning equipment, we’re capable of cleaning even the dustiest and muddiest schools.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Carpet vacuuming and steaming
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Floor buffing, stripping, and waxing
  • Full-service surface disinfectant
  • And more

All the Cleaning Equipment You Need

Are you looking for another reason why you should seek the services of our cleaning company? If so, allow us to mention the extensive array of cleaning equipment at our disposal. We have all the vacuums, buffers, and high-quality cleaning agents needed to transform a food-covered cafeteria into a spotless and clean eating area.

We are fully stocked in our school hygienic supplies—and we are ready to help you

Tackling Germs and More

Between our cleaning equipment and our time-honored methods, we are able to rid your classrooms, hallways, and gymnasiums of the germs and allergens that can distract people from productive and positive school days. We will disinfect doorknobs, desks, chairs, and everything in between.

Our thorough nature ensures that you and your faculty will start each day in a fresh and germ-free environment. Take the proactive approach and call us today to learn more.

Cleaning Services Tailored to You

All schools need to be cleaned according to the set health and hygiene standards, make no mistake. That said, not all schools are the same. Some school grounds might require nightly vacuuming services, while others may not have a carpet in sight. Rest assured, we’re capable of tailoring our school janitorial services to your facilities. During your no-obligation consultation, we will take all the time needed to understand your needs.

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Students spend a significant portion of their day within the walls of your school. We all owe it to them to make sure those hours are as wonderful as can be. Let us help you improve the everyday experience of your students and faculty. Call us at (540) 752-2462 to request our cleaning services.